Thursday, May 24, 2007

I went shopping at Joanne Fabrics yesterday. Now, anyone who knows me will think that that was a ridiculous thing to do as my basement workroom is bursting at the seams with fabric. I've rarely said no to anyone that wanted to give me fabric, I shop for fabric online and anywhere else it is rumored to be lurking. Fabric shopping is my idea of a good time, anytime! And I love to sew but have not been doing much of that in the recent past. Back in the day, I sewed garments for a consignment store as well as did custom sewing. But lately I've been hankering to get down into my sewing room for some serious sew-time. I've been buying and selling patterns and fabric on ebay so much that it made me sad that I wasn't having any of the fun! All of those thoughts coincided with another line of thought I had. I've been doing guy stuff for so long, since I owned a skateboard shop, that I've got used to just throwing on jeans and tee shirts. That's okay but boring. Now that I work at home I got to thinking..."how long could I go without wearing pants?" Funny thought but intriguing. How will I work in the garden...clean the chicken pen...what about in the winter? All good questions, but as recently as 50 years ago women managed just fine without pants. Now don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with pants. It's just an oddball challenge I think I'm going to put myself through to see what it's like. So as I said, I went fabric shopping yesterday. All my fabric and nothing to sew. Ludicrous! But I wanted a carrot for motivation. And I don't like to waste my vintage goodies on experimenting. So I found fabric for two of my vintage dress patterns, both with pockets. You see, I use my jeans pockets alot and I can't go cold turkey, can I? The apron dress has huge pockets and the shift has pockets that will suffice for a cell phone and car keys. Both pieces were prewashed and hung outside to dry today. Tomorrow I'll cut out one. I'll have to sleep on which one goes first.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ok, that didn't work!

AAAAAG! Another month has past. Well, I'm just a blogging machine, aren't I? Of course, stuff just sort of happens. Instead of converting the basement into my studio, Victor (our son) and I moved in 6 baby chicks the weekend before Easter. They are the cutest darn things. Soft, fuzzy and they make such a sweet chirp. Well, its been just about a month. We are in the process of building the coop, so the gals are still in the basement. When you go downstairs it looks like a scene from the Birds. There' s pidgeon size chickens sitting on the rim of their box, giving you the beady eyed stare that says, "My food is poopy/empty and Princess dumped the water again. Where've you been?" As I said, the coop is being built in the evenings after my wonderfully handy husband gets home to lead the building effort.
Well, anyway, I haven't done much sewing. We donated 2 packages of pet accessories to charity auctions last month so I got to design a pair of dog blankets to go with the collars we make for our web store. If I figure out linking, I'll do that soon.
I've been working on my ebay store a lot. Filling it up with the vintage sewing patterns that I have collected for years and am still finding weekly. It is still being worked on (in my spare time) but of course is open for business. Ditto for linking to it, too.
I've got to leave and get dog food for my hungry babys. Bye!