Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ok, that didn't work!

AAAAAG! Another month has past. Well, I'm just a blogging machine, aren't I? Of course, stuff just sort of happens. Instead of converting the basement into my studio, Victor (our son) and I moved in 6 baby chicks the weekend before Easter. They are the cutest darn things. Soft, fuzzy and they make such a sweet chirp. Well, its been just about a month. We are in the process of building the coop, so the gals are still in the basement. When you go downstairs it looks like a scene from the Birds. There' s pidgeon size chickens sitting on the rim of their box, giving you the beady eyed stare that says, "My food is poopy/empty and Princess dumped the water again. Where've you been?" As I said, the coop is being built in the evenings after my wonderfully handy husband gets home to lead the building effort.
Well, anyway, I haven't done much sewing. We donated 2 packages of pet accessories to charity auctions last month so I got to design a pair of dog blankets to go with the collars we make for our web store. If I figure out linking, I'll do that soon.
I've been working on my ebay store a lot. Filling it up with the vintage sewing patterns that I have collected for years and am still finding weekly. It is still being worked on (in my spare time) but of course is open for business. Ditto for linking to it, too.
I've got to leave and get dog food for my hungry babys. Bye!

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