Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I did it!

I finally did it. Figured out that I won't ever have time to sew, so I made time to sew today. So simple, huh? I'm pretty dedicated to the idea of seeing how long I can go without wearing jeans for a while, and I just don't have anything right now but a few jeans skirts. And I mean jeans skirts...remade a pair of jeans into a skirt. Went on rather a binge last year doing that for my shop. They are comfortable to wear but I don't think I'm exactly making a fashion statement in them. Actually, I got a pair of denim overalls at my favorite thrift store and intend to make a jumper using them for a work dress/skirt for gardening and tending the chickens. Anyway, I used the red bandana skull fabric and cut out and completed my first dress in ages. Ran into a sobering problem. Since closing my retail store under less than wonderful circumstances, I've managed to gain 10 pounds! I'm definitely a stress eater. So most of my patterns that I plan to use are for a 34" bust and a much smaller waist than I now have. I broke the rules because I'm a sort of lazy sewer, and did not do a muslin for this dress. I crossed my fingers, took smaller waist darts, did smaller side seams, and basicly got lucky that it fits! That was fun and encouraging. I know I won't have time to sew tomorrow but while the iron was hot I pressed the housedress fabric and pattern pieces. I'll get them cut out and ready for the next time I get an hour to work. It was really wonderful feeling being back in my sewing room. It is truely a mess, though. For the last several years I've pretty much stood at the door and thrown things inside. I've cleaned and rearranged a few times but not enough to make a difference. I'll post before pictures. That way maybe I'll be motivated to start working in one corner and work through the room. But if I'm cleaning I'm not sewing. That's why I'm not worrying about the mess. Focus on sewing...thats right. Well I got a good picture of the finished dress but it is rotated the wrong way and I can't fix it, so I'll use the picture of the pattern I used. It's a McCall's pattern dated 1964. I was 9 years old when this pattern was new! Cute pattern I'll use again. Found some fabric with black and white photos of the Three Stooges. Awesome! Nyk, nyk!

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