Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 6

Went shopping at the mall today with my sis. We had lunch at a mexi-mall restaurant. Good soup but what's up with no chips while we were waiting? Any good Mexican restaurant fills you up with chips and salsa while you kill time sipping the jumbo margarita. I think I just misspelled that but who cares?! I'd like one right now but am out of tequila. Anyway, we were on a quest...a cotton (not knit) nightgown and a simple black cardigan sweater. Seems simple but of course we left empty handed. When I go shopping I see dresses and tops and want to sew them for myself. Especially when I don't like what I do find and it is so damn expensive. 60 bucks for a nightgown? Out of cotton? I'm sure! So now I'm needing to make my own. I'm pretty sure I have something that will be perfect in my basement. Now I'm starting to stack projects. Better get to it. But the cardigan? I get bored working on a large project like that. By the time I'm to the second side of the front I'm planning how to do the cute little hat I have in mind and bye bye sweater. So my sis had better get her own needles out. Summer is almost here. Plenty of time for a project like that. I figured out the dress picture thing on my new laptop and here it is. Not on its side anymore. Just need some good sandals to go with it. Time for a trip to the mall.

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