Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Border patrol.

This is a nifty length of heavy cotton border print fabric. I think it's from the 50s, but have no proof. One of the edges has been cut off, and someone began to make it into a pleated or gathered waist skirt...there's a metal zipper and a seam. I love the colors and the garden scene. Who doesn't like scarecrows? But I have such a problem using border prints. I don't have the waistline for a gathered waist skirt. And you only need a few pillowcases. So how do you use a print like this? I guess I just hate to waste the part that doesn't have the print. My frugal side says to find the perfect solution first, so pieces like this just sit in the box. I have 6 yards of a red 36" wide length with horses, 3 yards of a juvenile dancing bear print, a square dance print (just over a yard), and more probably lurking in the cabinet. I'll probably sell this piece on ebay soon so it's someone elses project, not mine anymore!

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