Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sewing cat.

I actually worked on a sewing project today for awhile. We had some mini quilts that were finished except for the tying off so that's what I did this afternoon. Sure felt good to have a sewing needle and thread in my hands again. Have you noticed that some needles just feel good? I like working with vintage steel. Does that sound funny? Almost sounds like swordsmanship! Anyway, I don't think that they make needles as good today as the vintage ones I find while out and about looking for the stuff that I collect, sell and use. I found an old wooden cigar box that was full of needles, snaps, hook and eyes and the rest of the assorted flotsam and jetsom that gets put into boxes at estate sales by non-sewers. This nifty box-full even had a plastic Fuller Brush letter opener. I can vaguely remember my mom mentioning that the Fuller Brush guy had come by when I was very little. Anyway, there were a ton of packages of old needles in the box. There were a couple of cool paper needle packages that I'll sell, and an old wool handmade needlecase with an assortment of different size and shaped needles. Some were big honkers. There was a triangular industrial-size needle that my son thought was cool, and some fabulous 2" long ones that were perfect for dragging pearl cotton through the quilt batting and fabric that I was working with. I guess I'm a notions geek. But the right tools sure make the job go better. And you just don't find them sitting on the shelves at Walmart or even Joannes Fabric. Don't get me started about fabric stores! The state of most fabric stores makes me angry and sad at the same time! But that's a rant for a different day. Today all's good with me since the quilts are mostly done. Here's a picture of my cat "helping". Not!

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