Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, I counted pattern pieces last night until my eyes crossed. It's tedious work but worth it to be sure that the patterns are complete. It's heart breaking when one I like is missing pieces. Some aren't bad to replace like facings. If the instructions are gone I can often figure it out anyway. I wonder where all the parts do go? And why don't things get put away better? I like to imagine a lady finishing her project and having to rush off to the USO or some other worthwhile thing...not just saying "screw it, I don't feel like rounding up the facing and cuff pieces! I'll just throw those away next time I see them." I mean really! I'm not a neat freak but it's not that hard to gather up the parts and jam them into the envelope. And it's interesting to see what's in the envelopes sometimes. Usually it's stuff like newspaper clippings and receipts for the pattern and fabric . Sometimes there's fabric swatches, zippers and seam binding. It would be payback for all of the patterns with missing pieces, to someday find that a lady stashed money in the patterns. I guess I'm just a dreamer...that doesn't seem likely.

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