Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whoo-Hoo! We've laid an egg!

Well, not me personally. My beautiful 4 hens have got on the ball and are starting to lay. Super cool thing, to go out and find eggs in their nesting boxes. I haven't posted for ages. So you don't know that Helga the hen turned out to be Hans the rooster. Turns out that Blondie, my auracana chicken, is a rooster too. So no pretty pastel blue and green eggs for us. I found a home on a farm for Helga so as not to disturb the neighbors. But I decided that I'd wait to see if it upset the calm of suburbia to have a rooster crowing daily. So far so good, no complaints or even comments. (Sure hope I didn't just jinx us, knock on wood!) But with the freeway outside our front door, who can hear it? People say that the freeway sounds like the ocean. Bulls**t! It sounds like a freeking lot of cars and trucks, all day and all night. Never stops. Or almost never. One night I was awakened by the sound(?!) of NO cars. Turns out they were pulling cable across the freeway and they had traffic stopped both ways for a few minutes. Very strange notion that no noise can wake one up.
It's been a busy summer so I have done little sewing...I'm still complaining about how much I work with fabric and patterns and how little I get to sew. But I've got bills to pay and creditors to calm so work before pleasure. Don't get me wrong. I love what I do. Working with vintage fabric, patterns, knitting and sewing books and all makes me feel connected to my grandmother, aunts and mom that all were excellent sewers. My mom made us school clothes, toys and even upholstered furniture. I bet that she'd have got a kick out of the internet and ebay. Anyway, I still feel like sewing something to wear. Maybe tomorrow I'll set aside an hour and get started on a project for fun, not work. No picture today.

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