Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Worked with my transfer pattern collection today for a while, sorting it out. Lots of Aunt Matha's and Workbasket's. Of course, one thing leads to another, so then I ended up in the basement trying to tidy my future studio. I think I've misplaced a box of transfers somewhere so I'm pretty motivated right now. Never did find it. It looked like a Lego delivery truck had exploded down there! There were little plastic blocks, wheels, horns, arrows and other necessities all over from Victor and his friends building down there all summer. He's moved it up to his room now, so I'm left with the fallout. Actually, it's legos and patterns all over the place. I'm trying to organize everything...it ain't easy. After I get the garbage gone and sort things a bit, I'm off to Ikea to treat myself to some good storage bins and shelving. Maybe next week after school has started. I should take Victor too...he needs Lego storage for his room too. A field trip is a good reward for hard work, don't you think?

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