Saturday, October 13, 2007

What? Already a roadblock to my sewing plans?

Well, crap! Found the fabric, pressed it, prepped pattern...what, no skirt pieces??? S**t! I guess it must have been a great skirt and the original owner used it with another pattern. So, that's what I'll do too. But, of course I can't sell the pattern with missing pieces. And didn't I count the pattern before listing it? Sure thought so, but I had a grocery bag of patterns that I was counting pieces of and then scanning, so I guess one got past me. At least I sure hope it was only one. Well, off I go to ebay to end that auction, with apologies to any that were watching it. Can't be helped. And I refuse to be beaten on my sew day, so when I get home from dinner out with friends tonight, I'll get back onto my project du jour! The picture is the fabric that I chose. I thought I could add this to my previous post but it did't work out. Oh well.

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Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh, don't you hate it when that happens?!
I was all excited about a vintage dress pattern I found on vacation, but when I got it home it was missing some vital pieces to the top.
I've only used a pattern once or twice so, no way I could "fudge it" either.

I'll save you in my bloglist. I'd love to see the neckline when its done!

Kimberly :)