Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Dress of December!

Hi! If anyone ever looks on here, you'll notice that I'm not very faithful about posting here as often as I'd like to be. I have so much to do, just like you. "But I'm always trying to improve (my stack of self-help books keeps getting taller, but I do read them), so I give challenges to myself. Yesterday I decided to make a dress from a pattern I listed for sale on ebay in a 7 day auction. Well, I actually made it into my sewing room, cleared the table again, and got started. I can't tell you how good it felt to me to prep and cut out a pattern. I've always sewn, both for fun and professionally. It's just something that's in my blood, making stuff. I come from a long line of women that have sewn, knit, crocheted, beaded and just generally made stuff. So it felt like coming home to spend time in my favorite room! The dress is a Simplicity "simple-to-sew" pattern from either the late 50s or the early 60s. It reminds me of a dress that the daughter on the Munster's would have worn, so that probably dates it to the early 60s. No matter. I chose a green floral print that was popular in Ship and Shore blouses that I had on hand, and had enough since I needed to shorten the skirt. I'm only 5'4" so most things are too long unless I alter them. I've got to warn you that I'm not a notch cutter, but I cut them off and snip into the seam for the markings. I got the bodice put together last night. Now it confirms what I was thinking... I'm going to go back to Weight Watchers after the first of the year. It's been a very stressful year and I ate my way through it. I'd made my goal weight and loved being skinny for the first time in my life, but have gained back probably 25 pounds. It's gotta go! I highly recommend the Weight Watchers program to anyone. I lost my weight and didn't exercise hardly at all. This time I'll add some exercise and speed it up. Anyway, later today I'll probably finish the dress...there's just a zipper and some straight seams ahead. I'll post the finished picture here. Such fun!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sewing room cleanup day.

I spent the day Sunday in my sewing room. That is a real treat because I was supposed to be doing other more important things, like paperwork, housework, yard work. It felt good, like having the day off work because you called in, but you aren't sick so you can enjoy it! I played hookey! It all started because I was going to make my dog a coat from an old pattern that I found at a sale. I couldn't hardly walk into the room! I think I mentioned previously my bad habit of walking into the room and tossing things. Well, picture a year of doing wasn't pretty. So since it was raining so hard outside (it was day one of our big rainstorm in Oregon) I started at the door and just worked my way around my cutting table. I found all kinds of things I'd forgotten about. One of my problems when I'm cleaning is that I pick up something and see all the things that I could make out of it. So I jump from one project to the next without ever picking up a needle and thread. Is there such thing as having craft ADD? I'm serious. Maybe it's just ADD. I'd better google it sometime. So I got the table cleared and dusted. The table with my sewing machines is pretty clear now. Now I can't wait to play! But I didn't get to my beading table yet. I'd like to figure out how to store seed beads so the color and size I'm looking for can be found without too much trouble. It is easy to do beadwork in places other than my work room. I sit on the couch and do peyote stitch while watching tv with the family. Of course I can't watch movies with subtitles then. Too hard to follow a chart and read dialogue at the same time. Anyway, I took a before and after picture of my room but it's on the other computer now. I'll post it tomorrow. G'night!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ok, its been a loooong time since I wrote here. For a while I was good about it and then I fell off the blogwagon. I've got good reasons and good excuses. Still working on organizing the taxes for this past year...almost done. Super yuck! I hate being late with them but it is what it is sometimes. I am doing much better about keeping up with our office work. Another thing that's pretty nifty is the kittens. We rescued 4 babies last month. One is chewing on my arm as I type right now. I'll get her picture if I can. Just a minute...OOPS, timed out. I'll try again later. They are so much fun to play with. We found a home for one with my sister, are keeping two, and still need to find a home for the little gray boy. But it won't hurt my feelings if we can't fine a home and have to keep him. That would put us at five cats, 2 dogs, and 5 chickens. Almost a farm! No room for cows or goats tho. Anyway, I've been busy around here. Just finished my sons Slythern (that doesn't look right and spell check doesn't help with it!) scarf. It's about 6 feet long, with 3" green and gray stripes. Just put the fringe on it last night. It does look good but the darn thing rolled. I blocked it too, but it didn't help. Looks good anyway and he likes it. My younger son wanted a scarf too, so I knitted him one. But I used a thicker yarn, bigger needles, and did a rib stitch for 5 feet. Boy, the Patons Rumor yarn is sweet to work with! Highly recommend it to anyone. Well, its getting late and I'm off to bed. The kitten just settled down so I hate to move. But she can sleep with Pete tonight. Maybe they all will!
PS, the picture loaded this time. That's Sadie the sweet, aka the White Devil!