Friday, January 11, 2008

Ahhh, the weekend! Since I'm self employed, weekends aren't usually a big deal. I work when it's convenient but shop for inventory on Friday or Saturday. I love to shop so even work is ok. Lately I've been in pattern bliss...I've found lots of great vintage patterns to add to my own collection as well as wonderful ones to sell. It seems the vintage embroidery transfer gods are smiling upon me and I've found several to add to my ever growing collection. I've been counting pattern pieces and sorting transfers for several hours, so it's time to kick back and watch one of my favorite movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But even better is right afterward when AMC is showing The Day The Earth Stood Still! Thats a fantastic bit of sci-fi. Too bad that it will be cut to pieces with commercials! But my Comcast ON Demand is messed up tonight so no free movies. Oh well. But the best part is that tonight I have the t.v. to myself. The guys are out until Sunday! No schedule this weekend for me to keep, no "Wheres the...?" that I hear all week! So I'm watching my movie, drinking coffee and eating snacks (oops, don't tell Weight Watchers). Tomorrow I'm going to sew something, I think a dog coat for my Yorkie. Then it's off to a baby shower and dinner later. But it's all my own one needing me to fix dinner, find anything, or even talk if I don't want to. I hope that doesn't sound too anti-social! It's just time for a little 'me' time. I'm posting a picture of one of the little transfers that I'm going to mess around with for a logo using the GIMP program. If I like what I do, I'll show that picture later. TTFN!

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