Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Furry Office Helpers.

Anyone reading this must have figured out by now that mine is not a pet-free home. I happen to think that pets make a house a home! I do keep our animals out of the basement where my fabric and the majority of my patterns are stored. I long ago had an incident with a pregnant cat and her litter in a box of vintage patterns and fabric...it was not pretty! They are also not encouraged in the upstairs room where some fabric and vintage clothing is kept. But the rest of the house is pretty much open range. With 3 kittens, 2 adult cats, and 2 dogs, it's usually a free-for-all around here. I work with a snoring Yorkie at my feet on a pillow under the computer. She follows me from room to room, snoozing wherever I sit down. Spike, our golden retriever, is a big guy. He pretty much sleeps all day, usually behind my rolling office chair. When I push away from the desk, I shoot across the room, waking up poor Spike, who jumps up, runs away and then comes back to repeat the whole thing. Goldens are lovers, but not that much for brains. My cat Pinky is a large long hair that likes to sit on the desk and watch birds out of the window. My son's cat Winston Churchill wanders in and out, guarding the yard from all of the neighborhood strays that call the back yard home. There was quite a party happening out there yesterday before I went out and broke it up. I don't mind the strays and don't want them to starve or get hurt, but my 4 chickens are out there too, so I think a stray cat relocation is in order. Inside the house, our three newest babies sleep and play hard. Up the back of my desk chair, down my back, bite my ear while passing, across the keyboard, look out the window, jump down, and repeat. They are wonderful but sure slow things down when they are all in the room where I'm working. I took this picture of them sleeping in my chair. When scanning pattern pictures, I get up to change the pattern in the machine, and when I sit down, there's a cat already there. Pick her up, place her on the floor, sit down. Repeat. Over and over! I LOVE working at home.

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