Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Killer Patterns I Can't Sell!!

I was in the middle of listing this vintage dress pattern, McCall's 6278, just now, but had to stop. It's happened several times lately. Just couldn't list it...had to keep it for myself. This one is an early 60s Italian-looking dress, like something Sophia Loren would have worn in one of her movies. The dress has a dropped gathered neckline in front, and a deep U-neck in back.It's shown with two versions of skirts; a full gathered skirt, and a slender wiggle skirt. Sometimes a fashion just speaks to me, and this one sure did. I'll be a vision at the thrift stores in the area this spring if I get it made. Not that I even remotely resemble Sophia Loren. I wish!
The same thing happened with a skirt pattern last week. It was another McCall's pattern, from the late 50s this time. It's another 'wiggle' style, and it has a "mermaid" skirt, and a version with a pleated kick-pleat hemline in back. This skirt pattern even has pockets, and it's my size. Perfect. So I was going to list it too, but thought "how often do I find something like this...in my size, a style that i like...KEEP it!" Oh yeah, its factory folded too. If it sits too long I'll sell it, but I want to make it. Maybe in a denim, and a gabardine or twill.
I guess I've been in pattern paradise lately, come to think of it. That same week I found a vintage stuffed animal pattern for a poodle that I also had to keep. It will be great for displaying the dog accessories I make and sell. I've been collecting (hoarding) vintage stuffed animal patterns and hat patterns to make to sell. I was reading about the great ebay strike in a couple of weeks. Maybe that will be a good time to activate my account on etsy. I agree with the strikers and think its time for us to send ebay a message. Yes, it is ebay's business and they can and do make the rules to suit their needs. But it is a symbiotic relationship...they also need us sellers, and should consider what is not harmful to us for a change. There has been a lot of panicky talk on the discussion boards, and a lot of very thoughtful ideas about the situation lately, and it would be smart for the powers that be to listen to it. Unfortunately, I don't think the strike will yield any change in corporate policy regarding the feedback issue, the final value fee increase, or the paypal with-holding of funds. Anyway, if I decide to honor the strike, I'll put my store on vacation hold, and not schedule auctions to end, or begin during that period. Of course I'll still ship anything that is paid for in that period, but I'm also leaving town for a couple of days then too. But I'm still mulling the whole thing over. In the mean time, I'm still having auctions and adding patterns to my store, to serve other vintage pattern lovers like myself. Happy hunting everyone!

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