Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pretty vintage seam bindings!

I've been cleaning in my sewing room, trying again to sort and organize. I've been accumulating rick-rack trims and seam bindings lately. Since I make dog coats, I'm using the binding for the edges on quilted ones. I like to use vintage fabric for them, and the colors are hard to match with todays bindings, not to mention that the modern bias binding is a yucky poly-cotton blend. For the small amount of exposed fabric, the blend shouldn't matter. I'm just an old-fashioned fabric snob, I guess. Anyway, I've been looking at the packages of vintage binding. Boy, there was sure a lot of different brands! A far cry from the one offering available today. I took pictures of some of the older ones. Penneys fabric department must have rocked! They changed their logo at least 5 times! The deco looking package is my favorite Penneys one. I especially like the 'Tailor Bird' graphic. Well, now my cutting table is covered with rick-rack and binding packages. Every time I try to tidy up the place it gets worse. I've got a formal wedding to go to next Saturday, and nothing to wear. Reallyl! I gained weight this last year and need something more dressy than jeans. Shopping is out of the question right now. So I"ve found a pattern, found some fabric to use, now I just need to find some time to sew! I'll show the pattern, and my progress later this week.

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