Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Half-Year

Well, Ebay, in their infinite wisdumb, has decided to eliminate any links from our "ME" page to off-site pages. So I don't know if anyone will ever see this little blog again. I guess I've got to decide how to wake up my self-promotion skills so that this is more than just my diary. It's the first day of July, so it's half-way through 2008. Happy Half-Year to everyone. Time for some soul searching and new resolutions. In fact, I'm going back to the vintage clothing board and posting this same thought to everyone. I'm a super-lurker with an 'Half-Year" resolution to lurk less and participate more. All my life I've been a "side-line Sally". Why? What has been the point? It's safe but pretty boring. So another resolution is to mingle and mix it up a bit! That will be a challenge for an introvert. Lose weight? Well, that's on my perpetual resolution list. I ate my way through a very stressful year, and have gained back probably 30 pounds that I had successfully lost with the help of Weight Watchers. So back I go, starting TODAY! I'm eating my Xocai chocolate daily for my health, so it will be a delicate balance to not constantly use up my extra points. I want to make jewelry daily! So in order to find time for that, I'll need to get up earlier. I don't think 6 AM will be an easy change, but I already stay up till midnight so there's no room to add time in the evening. Early morning is the answer. Aaargh! I like getting up at 8 AM. That's comfortable. But that's the change that needs to happen now. I'd better get organized to make these changes. And blog more consistently! Every two weeks isn't really okay. I do some really interesting, fun stuff and I'd like to share it with everyone. Garden more, clean the house more often (yuck!), you get the point. So happy Half Year everyone! Have a great day... I'm going to plant tomatoes!

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