Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Sooth, I'm Sewing For A Renaissance Faire.

Well, after not writing anything new on here for so long, and logging on after such a long time, I've decided that I'm definitely through with the orange! So hold on to your hats cause I'm going to change it again. Perhaps something mellow this time. We'll see. Tonight I'm working in my sewing room, sewing! My sister, niece and myself are going to a Renaissance Faire this weekend, and I've decided I can play dress up. They-re planning on renting a costume but I'm much too frugal to go the easy route like that. I have to do it myself. At least it's handy having such a lot of fabric when I start a project. I just walk into the handy dandy storage area, which is pretty much my whole basement, and start digging in boxes. First thing I had to do was to google the subject and consult the lovely people on the vintage clothing and accessories board on ebay. I got some pointers about Ren-Fairs in general, and appropriate costumes in specific. I decided that I was just looking for a 'Ren-type vibe'. That made it easy. Any purists needn't nit-pick my outfit... I'm just a newbie. So I found some bottom-weight linen in a too-light color, with a woven-in tone on tone plaid. That's for the skirt, which I've pretty much finished. It's a basic gathered waist thing, but I pleated the top edge some to try to reduce the bulk since my waist isn't all that thin to begin with. I'm going to dye it tomorrow into a dark color, probably a lovely mud-brown. Then I need a basic peasant type top. I've seen hundreds of those over the years, since the hippie days of the 70s. Can I find one now that I need it? Oh, no. In fact, I had to go buy a pattern! Yikes! But it had the corset-thing included in the pattern so it was a good deal. Anyway, I'm going to do the top tonight before I go to bed. I have a lightweight muslin that will be perfect for that. I'll be a study in wrinkles on Saturday, for sure. I'm afraid that I might have just killed my poor baby-lock sewing machine. It just sort of died while I was stitching the skirt, going slower and slo-wer and sl-ow-er, well, you get the idea. I hope I just burned out the foot pedal. It's me and the old Belvedere straight stitch for the rest of this project. When I get a picture I'll add it to the post. For now I prithee farewell gentle readers!

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