Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Ultimate Vintage Apron

I've been meaning to find time to do some sewing lately, and finally decided to try some of my vintage apron patterns. Goodness knows I have enough of them, and am always looking for more! This past summer I found this one online at Chez Cemetarian. This pattern is gone obviously but she has consistently good stuff. Anyway, one of the plusses of buying and selling vintage fabric and other sewing necessities is that I usually don't have to go shopping for fabric unless I just am in the fabric shopping mood. That way I save gas, time and usually money on the fabric since I buy old fabric when I find it. This piece was some drapery or light upholstery linen I picked up somewhere, that just spoke to me of fall because of the colors. It called for seam binding on all of the edges and for the sash and neck ties. I couldn't find enough of anything I liked so used smaller pieces of different colors that matched the floral colors. That was a lot of fun! I'm pretty pleased with the apron but will make it shorter next time. The jumbo pockets were what I was after, because my iphone doesn't fit comfortably in most of my pockets, and I don't carry my purse around the house. I'd like to be able to carry my camera around too without it hanging around my neck. By making the apron as shown, it puts the pockets at my knees where it's not as convenient to grab stuff out of as I'd like. I see a mama-san style apron in my near future too, again for the big pockets. I think I'll make a market bag with the leftover fabric from this apron. The fabric should durable, and prettier than the ones most stores have for purchase. Of course I'm too frugal and crafty to buy one when I could go home and make it myself. I guess that's the curse of the DIY-er.

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