Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today was a good day. I finally made time to get to work on that dress I had planned since the first of the year. I had brought the fabric upstairs after I pre-washed it, and set it on the piano so I looked at it at every meal. Today I decided "Why not start that dress?" Whenever I get a chance to sew, I remember just how much I enjoy doing it. Yes, it's sort of tedious too, but in a good way. Maybe painstaking is a better word than tedious. It seems to take longer to do things than I remember them taking, but I haven't done bindings and darts in ages. My serger is not working the way it should... the poor old girl wants a new foot pedal. I'll be sewing an epic seam or hem, and it just starts to slow down, then stops completely. It will start again after it sits for a while but by then my sewing time has gone away again. Anyway, I decided to just sew the side seams and use the old pinking shears on the edge. That felt like cheating. I'm sort of obsessive about seams, so that was a huge concession for me. I decided that no one else will ever see the messy seam, and if someone does see my thread-balls, too bad. It's not a contest, after all. All that's left to do now is the cuffs, the hand sewing (unless I just do it by machine) the hem and buttons and button holes. Unless I get lucky, the buttons will probably require a trip out to the store. Why is it that with all the boxes, tins, and cards of buttons I have in my sewing room, I'll probably not have the 6 matching buttons I need for the dress? That mystery is probably related to the missing sock mystery but I'm not sure how.

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