Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally back to work!

No, not in a job-job. But in my own work at home job... I'm still selling vintage sewing patterns on eBay and Specialist Auctions. And I'm back at work on my website. I'm building a business website for people that want to learn how to work for themselves from home. When I have a little more to show, I'll link to it from here.

This blog is still about sewing and creating things. I've been playing with beads and wire again... & trying my hand a chainmaille. Boy, it's a lot harder than it looks! After an hour, I had a complete jumble of jump rings sitting in a clump on the table. Nothing "noble knight" looking to be sure. That's probably because I had the wrong gauge wire wrapped around the wrong size mandrel. Yeah, I talk technical now, don't I?

According to my book, I need to learn to use pi. What? Math? Me? We'll see about that. At least I can use a calculator. Wish me luck!

Anyway, it's hot today here in Portland, Oregon. To stay out of the heat I went into my studio in the basement. My work table was under a layer of stuff so I stirred it around a bit and found all kinds of things that I'd lost.

After that, I decided to take a stab at sewing a sleeveless shirt with an Asian-vibe. Since I gained weight my favorite vintage things don't fit, dammit! Now I have to lose weight again, but that takes time and I need something decent to wear.

So I decided to try a Palmer & Plesch (sorry if I miss-spelled a name) pattern. I'd never used one before. The instructions were like a mini-sewing & fitting class. Excellent but dense, and of course I didn't take time to follow them. Oh no. The top wasn't very fitted so why bother, I thought.

Well, you guessed it... it doesn't fit right. Or is it that I don't look like I pictured in it? Either/or... whatever, I'm not wild about it. I might try it again but maybe had better try to fit it to my measurements. And lose weight.

All I want it to fit a vintage 38" bust at this point. I'm a size beyond it, but have some wonderful patterns in a vintage size 18 that I've set aside for myself. When I get a chance I'll post a few pictures here. Maybe that will keep me motivated to eat less and exercise more.