Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dr. W. G. Grace Cricket Bandana

One of the things I really love about vintage treasure hunting is the research I get to do about some of what I purchase. I buy and sell on eBay, and am always on the lookout for antiques. So yesterday I bought an interesting old souvenir handkerchief, from 1896.

The large white mans handkerchief is printed with a photo and article about Dr. W. G. Grace (whom I'd never heard of before.) It claims that he was the Champion Cricketer of the World. That's a bold statement! S

o I started to learn about the game of cricket... where it's played, etc. I'm an American woman, and ignorant about many international sports. Turns out that WG is still considered an important cricket player, even 100 years later! I've listed this piece of vintage cricket memorabilia on eBay, hoping to get the handkerchief into the collection of someone who'll appreciate it. I can't get my link to the auction to work here now, but if you follow my ebay link on the right to where I sell, you can see it yourself. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Modes Royale pattern haul

Haven't been having much luck at sales lately... guess I lost my vintage pattern mojo for a bit. But before we went on our London vacation, I had a run of good luck, finding some pretty rare vintage patterns. I found a 1940's Lucille Ball by Hollywood patterns, and a handful of other Hollywood patterns featuring famous actresses. A few Spadea patterns made my hands shake, like a killer Jo Copeland from the 50s. AND I found 15 Modes Royale patterns from the late 50s to early 60s. Swoon! (I'm such a sewing geek.)

All of those patterns are pretty rare, and some are really valuable. My haul has a few nice wiggle dresses, like the one pictured above. It's Modes Royale #1689 in size 12, for a 32" bust. All the Modes patterns are factory folded, still in their funky-colored plastic covers.

Since all are a small size (and I'm too lazy/busy to resize them) I'm not going to keep them. Most will be available to buy in my RetroMonde Vintage Patterns store at Specialist Auctions. Stop by and see what I've got listed.

**I'm not selling my rare vintage patterns "wholesale/cheap" anymore. I'll keep the everyday patterns at what I think are reasonable prices, because I want to encourage sewers to choose vintage. Any suggestions or comments, feel free to contact me... I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a quick post about my latest project. I decided (again, lol) to quit being lazy and start sewing with one of my many vintage sewing patterns. You may point out that this one isn't really a vintage pattern. True, Butterick P408 is a repro. But the original is hard to find, and I'm too cheap to spend much on it anyway. I found this beauty at my local Goodwill.

I decided to try the dress using kids novelty print fabric. What's particularly kid-ish about a yummy strawberry print plisse is beyond me. Hope I don't look like a tablecloth wearing it. The fabric was on sale at Joanne's Fabrics.

I'll cut it out and start sewing tonight after attending a presentation about Victorian Vampire literature. I have a deadline (an outdoor wedding Saturday). But they called it the "walkaway" dress back in the 1950s because it was so quick to make. We'll see. And I'll post a picture when finished.