Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday- Shopping With RetroMonde

Friday is the day I wander, searching high & low for treasures to sell and keep. As I'm out and about, I see things that amuse me and take its picture. Here's today's lot.

I stumbled across these 2 old Fords at a garage sale. There was no garage sale sign at the sale, only a sign that said, "Out Back". Boy was I glad there was a sale back there and not just some stranger's back yard.

This is my "Fake Of The Week". I'm on a roll with bringing home the not-so-good goods. But each time I do, I learn something about how to recognize authentic luxury brands, so it's all good. I'll use it until I'm bored with the purse, then destroy it instead of selling it, which is illegal and unethical.

We stopped at a sale that was like old doll Valhalla. OMG, what a HUGE amount of antique dolls. Honestly, too many dolls in one spots is kinda creepy, especially when so many don't have either heads or bodies. One of those sad little dolls would have loved a ride in this toy wicker doll pram.

Finally heading home, we saw this sign. Yes, I was excited until the final sign that misspelled the word "should" as "sould". Sigh.

Nit-picking labels... anyone that manufactures sweaters should know what knit and crochet stitches look like and label them properly! Ever just looked for a sign? Very subtle. Good night!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Clown Heads- Awesome or Just Plain Creepy?

I'll let you be the judge and jury about these vintage clown doll heads. I'm not a clown fan, having spent a month at the "Scream At The Beach" haunt in Portland, Oregon. We were in the vampire booth next to the evil clown attraction. It sorta soured me on clowns in general, tho the folks under the grease paint were awesome. I probably would have had the same reaction if we were parked next a mime troupe... yech!